Trial brewery


Pilot brewery has more than 30 year tradition. The volume of one batch is 60 litres. The same technology procedure is preserved during beer production, the only way of hopping or hop variety changes. Beer is prepared by traditional technology of fermentation (brewhouse, fermentation room, lagering cellar) from standard raw materials – barley malt, water, hops. Brewing quality of prospective new crossbreeding are compared with market hop varieties. The influence of individual hops components (bitter acids, hop oils) to beer quality is tested too. Pilot brewery is used by some notable breweries for making testing batches before change of varietal structure in hopping of their beers.

As mentioned above beers are made by means of traditional technology using two stage decoction mashing. Wort boiling lasts 90 minutes. Hot wort is cooled down and pitched by brewing yeast. Bottom fermentation is carried out in room in open stainless steel tubs. Lagering runs in lager cellar for two months. After filtration by desk filter beer is adjusted to 0,33 l glass bottles. Beer is stored at the temperature of 7 oC until consumption.


Ing. Vladimír Nesvadba, Ph.D.
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fax: +420 415 732 150

Jan Hervert
tel.: +420 415 732 119

ČESKÉ PIVO (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication)
„Czech beer“

  Commission Regulation (EC) No 1014/2008 of 16 October 2008 entering certain names in the Register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications (České pivo (PGI), Cebreiro (PDO))  

Official Journal L 276 , 17/10/2008 P. 0027 - 0028

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